At The Studio

A week ago I had a virtual coffee with business coach, Tara Lutman Agacayak. When I started the call I was wavering and tentative, as I always seem to be when I discuss my work and my business. By the end of the call I had a list of goals written down and a timeline … More At The Studio

Work and Grace

There’s no point in pretending otherwise (not that I would), but I’ve been in a bad frame of mind lately. This week, however, I have three customer orders that must be finished and so, with a heavy heart, I drove down to the studio to commence work. The first thing I did when I got … More Work and Grace

Pickles Rebels

I was thankful to receive two customer orders on Sunday and so I sat at the bench and worked with concentration and intention. Pickles shredded a piece of paper towel in protest when it was time for her late afternoon walk.  Pickles never really learned the command, “WAIT”.

A Midweek Update

Finally. I moved all of my equipment and most of my supplies down to the studio. Don’t study this photo closely. My work space is in utter disarray. I have no storage or organisation and even as I write this my floor is cluttered with boxes and bags and beads and pieces of metal. I’m … More A Midweek Update


I’ve been busy with some of this… And some of this… And some of this… This week promises to be very similar. But it’s all good.

My Friend Sandy

This is a video of my friend, Sandy Binion at work in her studio.  It’s a little snapshot into her work process.  It’s a bit like my studio only I’m in a garden shed and one day I might accidentally set myself on fire because I only use a portable blow torch with no real … More My Friend Sandy

And So On

Well let’s see. Life stuff has blasted me into high gear this week.  Perhaps it’s the spring weather but I received four special orders from customers and so I’ve been measuring, cutting, soldering and polishing silver jewellery in my shed. And I’ve been keeping company with my good friend, Sophia, who helped me walk Pickles … More And So On