An Update

It has been one week since I last wrote on my blog. I’m surprised that this time has passed so quickly with nary a thought to Dragonlane. Perhaps it’s the lethargy of winter.  Perhaps I’m distracted. Pickles began coughing quite a lot and so I took her to the vet, who confirmed that she is … More An Update

Christmas Eve

Today we celebrated Christmas with AP’s children. They were once so small…just little boys who wore goofy pajamas and liked to hear bedtimes stories from their dad. Today they are grown…so very tall. Instead of reading books together they prefer to play strategy board games with their dear old dad. And because these board games … More Christmas Eve

Pickles Rebels

I was thankful to receive two customer orders on Sunday and so I sat at the bench and worked with concentration and intention. Pickles shredded a piece of paper towel in protest when it was time for her late afternoon walk.  Pickles never really learned the command, “WAIT”.

A Midweek Update

Finally. I moved all of my equipment and most of my supplies down to the studio. Don’t study this photo closely. My work space is in utter disarray. I have no storage or organisation and even as I write this my floor is cluttered with boxes and bags and beads and pieces of metal. I’m … More A Midweek Update

The Chimney Sweep

Every year when the chill of winter is in the air,  the chimney sweep comes and cleans our our wood stove and chimney.  Every year he brings his dog, Daniel the Spaniel: Pickles thought he was a bit MUCH today. She usually likes boys and will cozy up to them happily but Daniel is absolutely … More The Chimney Sweep

More From the Studio

Pickles enjoys helping the BT technician install telephone lines and broadband. She wishes he had a gravy bone but all he brought was a toolbox. Pickles likes to contemplate slippery slopes. I thought it was a good sign to photograph because there are so many slippery slopes in life and they can be dangerous, indeed. … More More From the Studio

Sunday October 26 – Another Weekend Coming to a Close

Pickles likes to help me while I try to teach myself coptic bookbinding. It isn’t going very swimmingly. A raven greeted us while we were on our afternoon walk. I found some old art postcards that I made but never sent. Sometimes I’m surprised at what I find when I sort through old boxes. It … More Sunday October 26 – Another Weekend Coming to a Close