Cat Post No. 343

I’ve got to be honest.  Things have all gone a little south lately.  Not in a horrible way but in a disorganised,  scatty way where I keep forgetting to maintain my important morning routines and I’m also trying to jump start my Christmas stock for the store so I’ve not been very mindful of how … More Cat Post No. 343

Things Fall Apart

Like my house keeping, for instance. And Peri! Her fur has become matted for some inexplicable reason and so I’ve been forcing her to let me groom her and she does not appreciate it one bit.   Maybe she’s depressed. Our neighbour just adopted a little tabby boy and he’s already sitting on their laps, … More Things Fall Apart

Morning Rituals

I have heard of people who have a sacred morning routine or morning ritual.  They rise early and spend quiet moments meditating.  They have a cup of coffee or tea and then put their sneakers on and go for a morning walk while the sun rises and the rest of the world is slowly waking. … More Morning Rituals

In Which We Pull Our Socks Up and Get On With Things

Oh if ever there were two Britishisms that encompass the spirit of almost all of my British friends and family it’s those two phrases: “Pull Your Socks Up” and “Get On With Things.” We’ve both struggled since the events of Sunday morning but today there was no choice. AP was scheduled for minor surgery and … More In Which We Pull Our Socks Up and Get On With Things

The Cat’s Meow

Peri says, “these two Dreamies aren’t going to make up for the fact that you put me in a cage and made me ride in a car for 50 minuets and now I’m in a place that I don’t recognise and I want my regular bed now please, Food Lady. And some food.” I’ve been … More The Cat’s Meow