A Lockdown Walking Story

Meet Bernard the hound dog. We met him and his person while out walking one sunny afternoon. We saw him hang back and then run straight through a hole in a fence separating the park from some residential homes. His person looked around, saw he was gone, and began calling for him. We pointed towards the hole in the fence and she dashed off to get him.

His person’s father, who was walking with her, explained to us that Bernard is a very naughty boy. You see, he doggy-sat for him last summer and Bernard did the same manoeuvre with Grandad that he did with his person… he took off like a shot while on a walk in the park and never came back. Grandad was in a state. He couldn’t find Bernard at all and so he went home to regroup and to have a drink, as any stressed person would do. His telephone rang. It was a local friend.

“How are you?”, said his friend.

“Oh not good!” said Grandad. “Bernard has run away and now I have to go back to the park and find him…”

“No worries!” said the friend. “He’s at my neighbour’s house. They’re having a BBQ and Bernard is eating chicken.”

Bernard is what we would call a rascal.

Lockdown restrictions will be eased next week and I’m looking forward to meeting up with a few friends for an outdoor coffee or tea. I intend to continue my walks, which have been greatly beneficial to me this winter.

I hope you all are coping well and keeping safe.



4 thoughts on “A Lockdown Walking Story

    1. Oh that’s the truth. One of my dogs will do just about anything for a piece of chicken. Strangely, Daisy isn’t very food centric at all.

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