Who’s a Naughty Girl?

I know people who have very strict regimes of yoga and exercise. Some also take time out for meditation and journaling as well. I admire them. (You know who you are.)

Me? I dip in and out of anything that smacks of “things that you REALLY SHOULD DO.” I have issues with authority and I naturally rebel against it…even my own.

There are two Kimi’s in my head: Big Kimi, the adult, and little Kimi, the child. Big Kimi knows what’s good for body and soul and she tells little Kimi all the things that she should do to raise her self esteem and just feel better about herself. Little Kimi often says, “screw you, Big Kimi. You’re not the boss of me.”

Sometimes Little Kimi allows Big Kimi to be right and she goes for long walks on three consecutive days or she cleans her entire house! And after many years of punishing guilt, I mostly just roll with the two Kimi’s now. I let them chatter to each other and whoever wins for the day…well good for them.

By the way, below are a few things that Big and Little Kimi finished together. They’re in my shop now! (Not the two Kimi’s… the jewellery).

A carnelian cabochon set in silver and African turquoise beads.
Blue turquoise cabochons set in sterling silver
An Australian opal doublet on a wide silver band ring.

Here’s hoping that you and yours (I mean…ALL of you) are safe and well.



8 thoughts on “Who’s a Naughty Girl?

  1. You’re lucky you only have TWO to contend with. My attic is getting a bit crowded.!
    But it’s nice to hear from you, KIm , whichever one you are today!

  2. Little Kate likes to sleep in and has an unhealthy obsession with cookies, cake, brownies, chocolate – really, any sweets. Big Kate gets tired easily, especially when she can’t sleep in, although chocolate does perk her up. See a pattern? 😃

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