Another Year…

…closer to collecting my state pension😁. This is what makes me excited about my birthday, which is today. Also, we are on a holiday near the Welsh border and it’s peaceful and beautiful up here, which makes me feel very grateful.

8 thoughts on “Another Year…

  1. OH! I promised to email! (smacks self upside the head) I am a naughty girl!
    But…here we are anyway, so Happy Birthday! I can now count, in mere weeks, when I’ll reach allotted three score and ten plus five! You, dear chicken, are waaay behind. Sorry I can’t take you out for sushi.0:–)

  2. Happy birthday, dear Kimi. Sounds like you’re having a glorious and restful time away from all the hoo-haw.

  3. Happy Birthday! Love the pictures, especially the one of you – your natural hair color is very flattering.

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