Mid July and an English Summer

I somehow missed the whole month of June. Time is taking on a whole other dimension these days and I think this is true for many.

AP and I both work from home and even though lockdown measures have lifted, we maintain a similar lifestyle to lockdown with a few socially distanced visits.

The above photos were taken while on a walk recently. Summer is in full swing and everything is green and lush. I am growing vegetables successfully for the first time ever! It’s been a long time goal of mine to have a vegetable patch but each time I tried, the slugs got to them or they just withered because of my neglect. This year I bought a trough and some large planers and I became a bit obsessed with checking on them every morning and every evening. I was very faithful to my vegetable plants and they’re starting to reward me. It delights me to no end.

I’ve done a few new things in my studio as well. Here are a some pieces that are new to my shop:

Large Pearl Ring
Large Black Onyx Ring

As you can see, I like big rings and I seem to also like black and white quite a bit — those colours go with everything and big rings are just fun.

That’s the monthly wrap up from Dragonlane! I hope you and your loved ones are well and finding ways to enjoy the summer months.


2 thoughts on “Mid July and an English Summer

  1. I’ve given up on a vegetable garden because most of it goes to waste. However, I did plant one cherry tomato and that was for the dogs. Especially Chandler. That dog loves cherry tomatoes, raspberries off our raspberry bush, and grapes. Now I know grapes are supposed to be bad for dogs, but Chandler has picked all those he can reach while they’re unripe. Those little hard, green unripe grapes pass right through him.

  2. Kim! Lovely to see you up and at it.
    We have been relatively safe here in Mackay;just hoping now that some of the germs haven;t sneaked in from southern states!
    I’ll email you with a bit more of the things on our plate…

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