May Update

I had a long conversation with my marketing advisor at Mellowburn Media and she tells me that my blog should be updated at least once a month and that it should contain some of my jewellery work — so O.K.

First things first. In an effort to better cope with lockdown measures and the general horror of everything on the nightly news, I went out and bought a bicycle and she’s a beaut. It’s a sturdy, traditional women’s bike with a nice, cushioned seat and good old fashioned handlebars and the best thing about it is that it has an electric motor on the back so I can get a little boost when riding uphill. I’m a bit of a nervous wreck when navigating traffic, it must be said, but I try to stay on the back roads where traffic isn’t so heavy and I have a bit more room to wobble along, wide-eyed with clenched teeth.

For show and tell, here are a few pieces that I made recently:

Chunky Silver Link Bracelet

Large Carnelian Wide Band Ring

I like rings that are noticeable and nothing says, “look at me” more than a big, juicy orange stone ring.

The bracelet, too, is a substantial piece of jewellery and it seems to be a favourite of my customers. The links are thick silver wire, hand shaped into links and each soldered individually. I love the look of a stack of silver bangles and bracelets on a woman’s arm, although I’ve never been able to pull that look off, myself.

So that’s how I’ve been coping with the current situation. Walking, biking, making, and quite a bit of television.

How are you doing?

4 thoughts on “May Update

  1. I like all your jewelry. My mom says she is glad you have a bike! Make sure you have a good helmet! Is the weather getting warmer? Here it’s finally warming up, and after four days of rain the sun is out!

  2. I always feel so guilty when you display your lovely jewelry work. My great grand parents from Birmingham, England were silver smiths and when they immigrated to the USA around 1888 they started a business in Philadelphia. Yet I never, ever wear jewelry. No rings, no watch, no nipple rings, nothing.

    By the way, it looks like the cattle in England aren’t very big from what I see in that photo. Almost looks more like a Chihuahua than a cow.

    1. No need to feel guilt! I can make you a nice, silver spoon! 🙂 And about that “cow” — That’s our resting spot when we go for our daily walks. I like to sit and listen to the water and Skye likes to smell every square inch of grass.

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