August and Other Matters

And here it is… towards the end of summer. The sun begins to set a little earlier and rise a little later. My French lavender and alliums are finished with their blooms and the bumble bees have moved on.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be 60.

AP asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday and I told him that I wanted to go to London to look at museums and have a meal at the Duck & Waffle, which is a restuarant atop of one of the tallest buildings in the city and offers a fabulous view of London.

Later he apologetically came to me to inform me that the only reservation he could get was for 4:15 in the afternoon. With a wave of my hand I assured him that 4:15 is perfectly fine with me. “It will save me from getting indigestion if we don’t have a late dinner.” There’s the double bonus of getting back to our house at a decent hour so that I can go to bed early. Huzzah.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer.

6 thoughts on “August and Other Matters

  1. Hurrah! Spoken like a true 60 year old! Welcome to the club … hope you have a fabulous birthday, Kimi. (and love your gray hair … wish mine would change!)

  2. Happy Birthday, my dear friend! Look at you writing about alliums and lavender! Guess you can teach an “old dog” new tricks (did I say that?). Hope you have a wonderful birthday. Love from your (also) sixty year old friend…

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