The Beginnings of Summer

Oh. The first weekend in June. Perfect. We ate lunch in a village pub that overlooked this cricket green. England, in large part, protects its countryside and for that I am so grateful. Within 10 minutes of our house we can find woodlands and parklands where we can walk the dogs and enjoy part of the natural world.


We treated ourselves to a long weekend break in Devon, a beautiful county in the southwest of England.

Castle Drogo, Devon
Finding a Mirror at Castle Drogo

It was a much needed break after a few weeks of intense work for both of us. We set a general direction and then stumbled upon little villages, country pubs, tea rooms in the middle of nowhere, and a wide variety of birds and wildflowers that we just don’t see here in the suburbs.

I’m home now and back to work. Some of my new pieces can be seen on my instagram feed below. Here is a photo of a channel spinner ring, completed today, at the request of a favorite customer.

It was my first attempt at this design and I must admit that I was pleased with the result. I only hope she is, too.

That’s a wrap from Dragonlane.



6 thoughts on “The Beginnings of Summer

  1. Beautiful countryside. Don’t most European countries protect rural lands from over building and commercialism? If that were in the U.S., there would be strip malls and rows and rows of houses on that land. I have to drive a long time before I can see countryside like that.

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