Teachable Moments

This is Katie, my 10 year old neighbour. Sometimes she hangs out with me when she is not in school. She’s a lovely, lovely kid.

The last time she stayed with me, we watched a program on the suffragettes and that sparked a good discussion on the history of women’s rights.

One time we watched Queer Eye (our favourite program) and that sparked a discussion on LGBTQ rights and acceptance and tolerance towards people of all races, creeds, orientations, and religions.

We were walking to the grocery store the other day and she saw a Starbuck’s. She said, “Oh I love Starbucks” and I blurted out, “Starbucks doesn’t pay their taxes!”

“Really?!” She said.

“Yep!” said I.

Friends… you know that I bought that child a strawberry frappuccino from Starbucks because that was her favourite.

I don’t know what I taught her in that instance but I know that I love making her happy. I can see why parenting is a mine field.

(Skye loves Katie, too.)

2 thoughts on “Teachable Moments

  1. If I boycotted every place that does crappy things, I’d never eat, travel, or buy anything. So I keep it to just a few. Cracker Barrel is at the top of my list. I witnessed first hand them treating Mark in a less than proper manner. They put him, along with me, in a side room that was filled with minorities of all kinds dining. Out in the main dining room it was very, very white. Mark insisted on being seated with the white folk, and he got seated out there. Oh, I got to go with him. Katie learned that the world is not equal.

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