Later when it’s Darker and Colder…

The fields and gardens are showing their bare bones now…



I visited Wisley Gardens this past week and stumbled upon one lonely rose, still blooming in this cluster of brown stalks.

While at Wisley, I attended their annual craft fair.  I walked past many stalls of beautiful arts and crafts pieces but when I got to this booth,  I found myself staring all agog.  These were the women of the hour.



The artist is Sally MacDonnell, and she works out of Bath with her husband, also a ceramic artist.

I was invited to Sophia’s house for a mini recital and a cup of tea.   She performed with her very best friend, Emily.


They got the giggles.  And they were as cute as a couple of bugs.

Of course, I remember Sophia like this… only about four years ago.  I can assure you that she’s still an incredible kid.  I’m so proud of her.


The last week has brought us much colder and wetter weather and short haired doggies get the chill.

And that brings you up to date from my little corner of the world.   I’m marching onward into December, rather unprepared and kind of tired.


2 thoughts on “Later when it’s Darker and Colder…

  1. Ah. Wisley. If only! And I remember that little Sophia as LITTLE not nearly grown up and playing piano. The time does fly!

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