Rounding the Corner

The heatwave broke when we had a slight rain shower Friday afternoon and then a good, clapping thunderstorm later that evening.

I hosted a dinner for friends Friday evening and Miss Thing worked her way onto the lap of one of the guests.  Luckily our guests loved our dogs.


The following day we popped into a nearby town to enjoy the sunny day sans blistering heat.


Also from our Saturday trip — this 18th century pub is a favourite of the locals.  It’s reported to be haunted and AP tells me that once while visiting this pub, footsteps followed him down a flight of stairs but when he turned around, no one was there.  He later learned that that particular staircase was where most people cited a ghost visitation.  Now that’s really something to think about.  (Not really.  Don’t give it another thought.)


Another castle ruin.  I’m sure there’s a ghost lurking there, too.


Finally — just because.  This is the look I get every night when I put them to bed.


See you in August!




4 thoughts on “Rounding the Corner

    1. Well — yes. I think it did. The bulbs are basically finished anyway and the other flowers were watered so they’re OK. AND. I have tomatoes. We’re eating them. That’s a first for me but this sunny, hot weather makes them flourish.

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