The Long Hot Summer

England is having a heat wave, the likes of which I have not experienced in the 15 years I’ve lived here.  The photo below pretty much sums up how we all look at the end of the day, when we’ve powered through high temperatures with no air conditioning.

Another allium from my garden… one hollyhock is also blooming.  (One).


Our neighbour’s cat, Oreo, has started to step outside.  He loves to sit on the fence or on the roof of our shed and look down upon the dogs, which drives them mad.  He blinks slowly and swishes his tail and they jump and dance and whine and bark.  Of course I bring the dogs inside immediately so Oreo can enjoy a sun bath without being disturbed. He’s a glorious boy, as you can see.

And then…


I took the leap and became a British citizen on Friday, July 13.  Yes, that’s Friday the 13th. The same day that D. Trump paid a visit to the U.K.  So while the crowds gathered in London to raise their voices against this man whose platform is largely anti-immigrant, I was welcomed into Great Britain and given all the rights of a full British citizen.  I, and at least 25 other individuals from all over the world, were greeted warmly and we were thanked for our contribution to, and enrichment of, British society.  And then I cried a little and I had a hard time singing the national anthem because I was all soppy.

And that, is that.

I hope you’re having a fabulous summer!


5 thoughts on “The Long Hot Summer

  1. Congratulations! Now will you please sponsor us? We seek asylum for our mental health and because of acute embarrassment for our country.

  2. It’s hot here too. Not even Marley wants to set 🐾 outside. Congratulations on your Britishness!

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