North Yorkshire

We began our trip thusly:


Daisy really resented the whole “riding in a crate in the back seat” experience and she cried for the first two hours of the ( 5 hour) trip up to North Yorkshire.

We spent the first day at Fountains Abbey, a ruin of a Cistercian monastery, founded in 1132.  It was one of the wealthiest abbeys until it was dissolved in 1539 by Henry VIII.  It was a rather breath-taking sight upon entering the grounds and it was an easy place to relax and enjoy the sunshine and the views.


We made our way over to the east coast to the town of Whitby, which had some lovely Victorian architecture.


And then to another abbey ruin (we like ruins).  This one sit atop a hillside overlooking the town of Whitby.   We didn’t realize it at the time, but Bram Stoker spent time in Whitby and this abbey was an inspiration in the writing of Dracula.


Next stop — North Yorkshire Dales National Park.  Our GPS first took us to an unknown place in the middle of absolutely nowhere but we navigated ourselves to Malham, where we visited the park centre and took ourselves and the dogs on a lovely walk to Malham Cove.  Do you think it would be funny to see two chihuahuas walking in the English countryside? Well I can tell you that some people did find that very funny.  The dogs had to be carried at times because walking on 3 inch legs is hard work and sometimes it’s hard work for middle aged women.



On to the city of York —



Today —  Castle Howard (which is not a castle but a stately home and it is VERY stately.)



A big hat-tip to Yorkshire.  We’ve had a wonderful time visiting historic sites and also mixing with the locals, who are friendly and inviting, even if you have two little dogs, one who barks at things that she doesn’t like, real and imaginary.


6 thoughts on “North Yorkshire

  1. It’s such a beautiful area of the country and I’m terribly envious (and so is Doug). I hope Daisy and Skye are appreciating the landscape, as well they should.

  2. Have you considered a stroller (I think you call it a pram in England) for the children with the three inch legs? I see that a lot around here.

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