Early June

Poppies in a church yard…


and at the side of the road.


A village fete.  This is a typical scene at this time of year as many local towns and villages have fetes, or fairs as they are known in the U.S.  It’s a time when the community comes together to enjoy local food, drink, music, and to participate in fundraisers for charities in the community.


For £1 you could throw wet sponges at this good sport.


Daisy braves the foliage and the steep hills of our local walking area.  She’s a difficult dog to walk because she is so tiny with spindle-like legs, and she’s also deaf.  She stumbles off in her own little world and she also barks like crazy at other dogs, no matter how big or small.  She has no sense that she is absolutely minuscule in comparison to other dogs and so I have to keep a close eye on her.


Daisy and Skye in their car travel crate.  We’re off to Yorkshire soon and we’re taking these two with us.  We’ll see how this goes as car travel is not their favourite mode and this was a test run to acclimate them to the experience.


I hope I have nice photos to post from Yorkshire soon.



One thought on “Early June

  1. “Villages have fetes, or fairs as they are known in the U.S.” What, they aren’t called ‘Faires’ in England? Next you’ll be telling me that they don’t call everything ‘Ye Olde’.

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