When the Sun Comes Out

My garden and my bee friendly plants.


My tall purple flowers have blossomed.


On sunny days I walk the dogs in this field.  We visit a stream that runs parallel to this old rickety fence because AP planted a small tree there once, in memory of Pickles.  The tree never grew but we always visit this place and remember her anyway.


On the first Saturday of the month there’s a large flea market in our town.  It was a fabulously warm day and everyone was in such a good mood and of course we chatted with many vendors and came home with a whole parcel of specialty food, drink — and some vintage jewellery.


On warm days a local pub makes stone baked pizza in their garden pizza oven and we sat outside in the afternoon sun and enjoyed every morsel.


Daisy’s hair was very long and thick again and so she went to the groomer’s to have her summer cut but she was not as cooperative as she was the last time so, hence the ragged edges around her ears and neck.  She hates being touched around her face and she gets very snappy towards those who try.  Daisy is a force to be reckoned with.


And this little girl.  Isn’t she the cutest?  I cannot resist that pose… that look… the pleading  eyes.  I will stop everything and pick her up when she does this to me.


That was our week of sun and warmth.  Tomorrow it all changes, as everything does.

Happy Friday everyone.  Enjoy the weekend.


6 thoughts on “When the Sun Comes Out

  1. I believe the tall purple flowers are alliums……better ask the other D for a quick rundown with notes taken. Maybe Daisy is an 80’s fan. I can appreciate big hair! And Skye, what a sweetheart! Yin and yang….a perfect balance.

  2. “Tall purple…” Yes, look to be allium. And I see you have a flourishing lavender. I miss it here.

    Yesterday saw the Mercury trying to climb out of the thermometer.30 degrees in mid-May? What the…
    But right now, I’m rugged-up in a dressing gown and thick socks.At least I can do garden work without being burned to a crisp!

    1. I finally understood that lavender should be planted in the ground and not a patio pot if you don’t want it to go all woody in a few years. I love lavender and the bees love it too — and the slugs hate it. Bonus! And of course, you’re about to enter the winter season over there. And it’s 30c. Hummmmm.

  3. What do I notice out of all of this? Vacuum tubes at the flea market. I remember stripping them all out of the television back in the 1960s and taking them to the electronics store to test them. It never seemed to fix the problem. Oh, the flowers are nice too. Love your pups.

    1. Vacuum tubes back in the 60’s. I can’t say that I remember them but I’m not that much younger than you. I guess my dad took care of that sort of thing. We were mostly a house of women.

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