Spring, Flowers and Sun in England


Spring is definitely happening.

Last weekend AP and I visited Chawton House, which is a stately home once owned by Jane Austen’s brother.   Is this not an idyllic picture of England?


Jane’s brother put Jane and her sister, Cassandra,  in a pokey little house much smaller house down the road.  Chawton house is now dedicated to fostering the understanding of early women writers, many of whom have gone unrecognised by history.  Yay for that.

Fast forward to the here and now.

AP and I did some work on our garden back in September/October.  We had trees chopped down and created a flower bed along the border of our property.  I planted dozens of bulbs, both in the flower bed and in patio pots, thinking that only half of them would survive my brown thumb but to my surprise, nearly all of them made an appearance.


I have so many purple flowers about to sprout and bloom, and as I haven’t been able to give away my budding flowers, I guess I will have a very purple garden this year.

When telling my flower woes to my friend and neighbour, Mrs. L, herself an avid gardener, she said, “but you did write down all of the names of the bulbs that you planted so you know which flower is going where, didn’t you?”

Um.  Yeah. I think I have that paper somewhere.

AP planted a dwarf apple tree and it’s blossoming now.


We’re trying to keep the bees and other insects happy by planting bee-friendly flowers and also by not mowing our lawn too often.  Well — that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  We seem to have a lot of pollinators on our weedy flowers back there and that’s all I’m saying.

Happy spring.  Onward and forward.

6 thoughts on “Spring, Flowers and Sun in England

  1. So green. Very funny, writing down where you put what. I just shove a bunch of bulbs in the ground and hope for the best. I like the surprise. “Ooooh, daffodils. I forgot about those.”

    1. Exactly. I am possibly the worst gardener that I know. I’ve had so many things die on me and the slugs just devour all of my plants. I am really shocked that all those bulbs grew into flowers and it looks like they’re all going to blossom. I’m just amazed.

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