Long Time No Blog



The other day AP and I were lamenting that we both gained a few pounds over the holidays and we have failed to take them off.

“I suppose it’s partly my own fault,” said AP thoughtfully.

Then we burst into laughter.

I’m partly to blame.  The other part is society’s fault, I guess.

Same thing with blogging.  I have not posted for 6 weeks and I’m partly to blame.

The photo of Skye is apropos of nothing.  We were on a long drive and AP got out of the car at a rest stop and Skye worried quite a lot while he was gone.  She is a very good girl.


I endeavour to kick start my blogging.  Soon. 🙂







2 thoughts on “Long Time No Blog

  1. I must have a lot of blame on my shoulders…
    I’ll be here when you perform your kick-start.In fact, could you write a blog post on how to do it? There are quite a few of us suffering tardiness, blogwise.

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