December – Mid Month




It’s well and truly the run-up to Christmas with only eight days to go.  EIGHT DAYS!?

My little biz is busy and I’m still filling orders for those last minute gifts.

AP is also quite busy with work.  The other day he told me that the dogs were very “unprofessional” in their approach to going potty outside in the garden.  I guessed then that work might be foremost in his mind.  Dogs are many things but I never think of them as professional or unprofessional.

Our little town is decorated beautifully with lights strung over the high street and wreaths on shop doors.

The winter solstice is December 21st, and I love this celebration.  One year I drove, with a friend, to Stonehenge to watch the sunrise over the monoliths and watch the festivities take place amongst the stone circle.  It was more touching and emotional than I had ever thought it would be.  The solstice welcomes the new sun and during the dark days of winter, it always gives hope.








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