Thanksgiving 2017


Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends and family.  Back home in Michigan my sister is setting her table and baking fruit pies and my nephew is making the turkey, even as I write this.

Over here in the UK, our celebration is a bit subdued.


However you’re spending Thanksgiving day, I hope it’s filled with gratitude and peace.




5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2017

  1. Sanity was restored in our house this Thanksgiving. No mess in the kitchen, well not much. Instead of all that work cooking, I ordered a fully cooked meal for eight from the local supermarket. I sure hope it is good because I’ll do Xmas the same way if I like it.

    1. Absolutely!!! The best Christmas we ever had was when we ordered our dinner from a local gourmet food shop — delicious and no dirty pots and pans and I could be delightful all day long because I wasn’t slaving over a stove.

      1. We really need to divorce the holiday from that idea it celebrates our European ancestors making friends with the natives. Obviously we were not very good friends. To me it’s just about family and thanking evolution for turning a dinosaur into a big, fat bird, with a tiny head.

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