November – Third Week



I decided to dust off the old blog and pop my head above the parapet.  Even Daisy and Skye are feeling the malaise that the onset of winter can bring.

Everything’s OK here!  I’ve just let my routine of blogging slip and slide and it’s very hard to pick it up again after — gulp — six weeks.

I’ve been working in my studio while the dogs sulk on the floor next to me.  Here are some new pieces that I finished recently:


Anyone who has had a dog knows that their sense of time is incredible.  They know that we go for our walkies every day at 3 PM and so at about 2:45 they stand up, stretch, and start starring at me.  Then they pace.  And if that doesn’t make me put my equipment down, they bark a few times just to remind me that I have more important things to do other than listen to podcasts and saw metal.

And so we go for our walk down to the field.


Skye likes to play but it usually ends up with Daisy getting knocked over and stuck on her back.  We trot on home with Skye on a leash and me carrying Daisy in a purple shoulder bag because Daisy doesn’t walk nicely on the street.  Seeing a little chihuahua head popping out of a shoulder bag delights the school children to no end until she starts barking and snorting at them.  Then they know why she is in a bag.  Daisy does not like small children or other dogs and it’s a real pain, let-me-tell-you.


So yeah –  That’s how things are going here.  Working, walking, having lunches with friends now and again — oh — and we’re still taking dance lessons!  More on that at another time.

Until later!



4 thoughts on “November – Third Week

    1. The animal rescue people are amazing. My friend, Carol, did that before she became too ill. As for the dance — it’s swing dance! And it’s not as difficult as one might think because somehow we manage to do it.

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