And now October



I started this post last week and now the calendar has rolled into October and I am here, with my dogs and cat, on an early Sunday evening, watching the rain come down.

FullSizeRender-30 copy

So much has gone on here over the past few weeks.  Did I mention that we had all of our upstairs rooms painted and new flooring put in?  Oh Lordy.  We did.  It was very disruptive but very worth it, as I knew it would be.  Believe me when I tell you that it was WAY overdue and now I have a proper guest room and I don’t cringe when people see the second story of our house.

AP’s mum came down for a visit and she is in the antiques business so we hit the flea markets.


I was invited to supply some of my jewellery to a gallery shop up north and so  I’ve been working hard to create a few new pieces and then other items from my regular line.  It’s been very busy but it’s work that I really love and I am enthusiastic about this new partnership.

I’ll leave you with a photo of Skye, who sits up like this whenever she wants some love.  Could you resist that?  I can’t.  Even if I have a handful of groceries or am firing up my torch to solder some metal, I put everything down and pick her up and reassure her that she is loved (and that I will feed her when dinner time comes because, let’s face it, I think  that’s the driving force here.)


Have a great week, everyone.


4 thoughts on “And now October

  1. I, too, am lagging in so many things…
    And I have just discovered a letter that I started and abandoned when some drama called me away.I think having The Man here MOST DAYS has something to do with it!
    The newly-decorated upper floor sounds spiffy.How’s the garden? 🙂

  2. The weather is still beautiful here in Chicago. The only problem is that we haven’t had any rain in many weeks and my flowers are not so happy with the chlorine tainted city water. So I kind of envy your rain… but not too much.

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