Late August 2017

Sometimes I plop the dogs in the car and drive to a different walking place because we get very bored with the same old neighbourhood walk.  Well.  I get very bored and I imagine that the dogs get bored as well.  So off we went —


IMG_2591We found ourselves at Waverley Abbey.  These are the ruins of a Cistercian abbey, started in Surrey, in 1128.  I’ve written of the abbey before and I never get tired of visiting this special place.  You can see the remains of monks sleeping quarters and even see the little nooks in the walls where the monks put their lit candles near their beds!


It was a peaceful day with very few people and no other dogs around, which is key for us on a walk because Miss Daisy can really carry on when she sees other canines out and about.  I sat down on a big rock and watched a man work on a painting of the remains of the chapel.


A selfie of Daisy and me.  Skye is was off exploring the tall grasses and tress and stone walls near our resting spot.  Daisy is always happy to sit on my lap and sniff the air.


When we got home, Skye jumped on the bed and made a nest for herself with a duvet.  She covers herself up when she gets into bed and it always makes me laugh.  But she is a short haired dog, after all, and she feels a chill every now and then.


And that was our afternoon, on a warm August day.

I hope you are finding space for some peaceful hours, too.






6 thoughts on “Late August 2017

  1. Your little dogs are adorable and the English countryside has history that makes me jealous. Other than the Native Americans, there is no history of Chicago before 1790. That’s when a black man named Du Sable became the first non-Native American to live at the mouth of the Chicago River. As for taking the dogs on a new and different walk, I find that if I stray from the known route, it takes me twice as long because they have to sniff and pee on all the strange places.

    1. Yes — the sniffing. I have to carry Daisy quite a lot because she can’t keep up with us and she snorts and blurbs like she’s going to collapse. Skye LOVES her walks and she will smell every rock, leaf, stick, crack in the sidewalk… it does take forever.

  2. Love the pictures. Looks like a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Those doggies are so lucky that you adopted them!

    1. Yes — I know that the UK is very special because, while it’s a small Island, the British value their countryside very much. Lots of places to walk and of course there’s so much history here. And the dogs are such very good girls. They really are.

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