August Beginning

We’ve been going for summer walks in the nearby field.

August rolled in and brought with it cooler days and rain.  We walk in the late afternoon in between rain showers and I note that the blackberries are starting to ripen and have seen a few people out with containers, picking the ripened berries while the birds chirp their disapproval.

I plod on with the dogs and do not stop to pick berries.  The dogs have short legs and it takes a long time to get around the field, especially with Daisy, who tires easily and needs to be carried half of the way home.

And I’m happily busy in the studio.  Not only with customer orders (thank you, customers) but also with new pieces for … Christmas!  Yes.  It starts this early for makers.

But back to August.

I hope my US readers get to see the solar eclipse coming on August 21st!  And try to catch the Perseid meteor shower on August 12th.  It’s supposed to be spectacular this year.   I’ll be sitting out somewhere in the South Downs of England, on top of a hill, looking out for the shooting stars.





3 thoughts on “August Beginning

  1. I’m hoping some of my northern chums will post photos of astronomical events.That long, stalky grass must seem like the Amazon to those little pooches!

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