English Summer



These English summers.

Moderate temperatures.

Blue skies with or without puffy clouds.

Meadows with wildflowers and walks along the county trails.

The seaside.

Oh readers.  I don't even have a funny story to tell you. I've been muddling through the days picking up pieces that have fallen away and trying to get broken things fixed and putting out various fires around our lives.  Not real fires.  Just unexpected things that crop up and need tending to and then little things that take up the day.

I'm being way too vague.  Here's the boring story:

My car broke down.

My vacuum cleaner broke.

Our bathtub leaked into our downstairs hallway and ruined our new paint job.

I've had work.  A customer order went amiss.

A new accommodation that we were trying to secure for one of AP's kids needed sorting out.

My friend, Sophia, stayed with me for a day and we were very busy with a big art project.  And ice cream.  OK we ate ice cream and painted.


I had a run of sleepless nights.  I awoke at 3 and watched the sun slowly make its way into the sky and through my bedroom windows.  I ate cereal at 4:30 AM, listened to several podcasts, and even got up and organised some papers at 5 AM.  I feel that this went on for a whole week but in truth it was probably only three nights running but boy  it turned me into a right mess.

That's the truth.  Life at Dragonlane has been very… average.  Not too fantastic and not too terrible.  It's just all life stuff and for that I guess I can be pretty grateful because it's not so bad.  Really.  I know you know what I mean.








5 thoughts on “English Summer

  1. Average and a lot of broken stuff, but those photos are fantastic. Although I thought I was looking at a cow in the pasture in the first one, until I put my glasses on.

  2. Yes, there are days like that, for people all around the world.
    And then, there are some really good days. I had one of those yesterday.I feel full of sunshine.

  3. Oh YES I know exactly what you have been going through. It’s been a litany of breakdowns and delays all against a background of sauna-like weather. I think, though, that that gorgeous striped cabana would be a lovely refuge. Hugs.

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