Midwestern Summer

I’ve had a quick visit back to Michigan.



Every time I return to the Midwest I’m taken in with the wide open spaces of rural areas and the quaint, early 1900’s architecture of the local towns and villages.

My mother moved from her house into a smaller accommodation.  Her house was cleared except for a few favourite things that she took with her to her new apartment.  My mother was very brave and philosophical about the move and it was a lesson in letting go of “things”, which is difficult yet liberating.

As Tennessee Williams once said, “we all live in a house on fire.”





10 thoughts on “Midwestern Summer

      1. Not what I would expect so close to Detroit and Flint. Of course people think everything in Chicago is all guns and bullets, but it isn’t.

    1. Well helllllooooo! I’m so glad you popped your head above the parapet to comment! Yes — it’s hard to believe that I’ve been blogging that long and it might be the most consistent thing I’ve ever done in my whole life. xo — great to hear from you.

  1. You’re here! And now I must catch up reading all I’ve missed! For some reason, your blog has not popped up in my reader.
    I’ll email a brief update from this end.

  2. I remember the lovely lilac roadside flowers. Michigan in summer beats all the southern states!

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