Madam Daisy

I can’t say Daisy is a difficult dog.  She’s really not.  She likes her bed.  She likes to sit on my lap.  She likes to be stroked.  She likes her food.  She makes few demands on us, really.

But I am learning that there are some things that Daisy doesn’t like terribly much:  cats, other dogs of any size, and today we learned that she doesn’t care for babies or ducks.

You see, we took the dogs out to a local pub with a large back garden where we (and others) could sit and enjoy a nice meal.  Of course the occasional dog sauntered by and Daisy started making her squeaking and whining sounds.  Then she saw a baby sitting on a blanket in the grass and the whining and crying continued, and she threw in a few snorts, too.

Oh and then a duck wandered in the garden from a nearby stream and Daisy went on red alert and had a few things to say to the duck, too.  It was as if, as we ate our meal, Daisy kept saying “I don’t like you and I don’t like you and I don’t like you…”

She is a little madam.

Here’s her long-suffering sister, Skye.  Sometimes Daisy doesn’t like Skye either but after a little tussle they always clean each other’s ears to say “sorry”.

Happy Saturday.  I hope you’re enjoying your summer wherever you are!

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