23 May 2017 – UK General Election

Rabble Rousing in SW Surrey — Bringing attention to the dangerous levels of air pollution here in our hometown.  The local newspaper covered this event, organised by a local volunteer.  img_2147

A general surgeon from Inverness, Scotland came all the way down to campaign for Dr. Louise Irvine against Jeremy Hunt, the current MP and Health Secretary.  He was a campaign warrior and I am constantly humbled by the support that we have been given here in SW Surrey for the Progressive Alliance and the National Health Action Party.

AP brought the dogs out.  They sat on the campaign table and looked sweet.  Everything was tickety-boo until another dog showed up and then there was a lot of barking and discontent.  AP took them home shortly thereafter.


Skye is not impressed with the opposition.  And I’ll just leave all that there with you.





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