Been Gone So Long —

— And it’s because there’s an election in the UK on June 8 and Dr. Louise Irvine has been put forward by the Progressive Alliance of SW Surrey.  I’m helping with her campaign, which has gained a huge following this time as we have been joined by other Labour, Lib Dem, and Green supporters in an effort to unseat our Conservative MP.


AP and I are on the campaign trail again and that’s why I’ve been so silent here on my blog.

Skye will give you an insight as to what it’s been like:


5 thoughts on “Been Gone So Long —

  1. They allow dogs to vote? No wonder you’re in that “Brexit” mess. Imagine what would happen here in the USA if we allowed people with the knowledge of a dog to vote.

      1. I can barely write mine. All I seem to write about are dogs, driving, and Mark. I could write about the person that the dogs of the United States elected last November, but too much politics pisses off too many people.

  2. Kate here – Marley and Skye should run for office together. Tails across the water – what a great slogan! Good luck with the campaign!

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