Now In May


Today… sun, blue skies, and cow parsley.  I noticed this big, lush patch growing near the field when I walked Daisy and Sky… if one can call it walking.  It’s more like stopping and starting and coaxing and waiting.  Daisy is the slow poke, mostly because she is hugely overweight and I suspect her spindly little legs might hurt.  We have an appointment with the Veterinary Nurse for a weight reduction plan and a special diet this week.


Peri has finally forgiven us for bringing in the interlopers.  She has now taken her rightful place in front of the TV and in the living room window, keeping track of traffic and pedestrians.  She is now accepting some strokes and cuddles.

And finally —

I mean… really.  As my friend, Debs, says… they are love monsters.

Onward towards the week ahead.


3 thoughts on “Now In May

  1. I kind of envy you. Chandler is too big to cuddle in my lap, and Scout is too crazy. However, Scout is starting to calm down and very occasionally snuggles up to me on my chair. It only took ten months. Skye and Daisy are just too cute.

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