Edging to the End of April

Every year spring rolls around and every year I look to it with a bit of skepticism.  Oh – it lures me in and makes me start all kinds of crazy projects and I resolve to exercise more, eat healthy foods, cut back on sugar, plant a beautiful garden, write in my journal, organise my work shop… I mean… you get the picture.  And by July it’s all gone to rats.

This year I looked at spring again and I said — “oh no… you’re not going to do that to me.  I’m not going to delude myself into thinking that this is a new beginning.”

Yet.  Here I am.

I’ve been throwing out or recycling bags of papers, books, old clothing, shoes, Christmas cards from 2015 and 16, old flower pots, and unwanted furniture.  I’ve got a list of projects to be done in the house and garden and it all depends on my ability to cull the clutter in our house.

Oh — and did I mention that I joined the gym, enrolled in a metal smithing workshop AND — another dance class?  It all happens this week.

Happy Spring.

P.S. — AP and I have been rambling around the Surrey countryside, visiting villages and having cream teas.  The days have been sunny and the apple trees are flowering.  It’s so pretty here.

P.P.S. — Don’t hate me.  It will all go to rats by July.



7 thoughts on “Edging to the End of April

  1. I just came from the back yard where I intended to plant day lilies, gladioli, and some other bulbs. But Mark came out there to play foreman and screwed me all up. He cut the labels off all the bags of bulbs so that I didn’t know what I was planting. Oh well, in a few months we’ll be very surprised.

    1. That you will! My neighbour is helping me plan my garden and she has very strict rules. She would say, “Mark, darling, you mustn’t do that!”

      1. That’s the difference between a small town in England and Chicago. I was not so polite as your neighbor would be.

  2. Even if I get nothing done, it is such a time of hope and fresh new smells of the dirt and trees. Enjoy !

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