Early Spring

We’ve been blessed with sunshine this past weekend after several days of dreary, grey, rainy mornings — then afternoons.

I happily did my errands in town on Saturday, stopping for coffee and wandering in and out of shops while enjoying the sunlight and the sort-of warm weather.

Daffodils are everywhere.  Little grape hyacinths, too.

We decided to go out for lunch on Saturday to celebrate the beautiful day but so did every other person (and their dog) and so we found ourselves stuck in traffic here and there but I kept saying, “It’s OK.  I don’t have a train to catch.  I can wait.”

I say that a lot, especially to people who apologise to me for taking too long in a queue (a line in American-ese) or if someone is walking slow and they are concerned that they’re bothering me.  I try to remember to smile and just shrug my shoulders and say to them, “No worries.  I don’t have a train to catch!  It’s OK.”

This statement reminds me that, actually, I CAN wait and it’s not going to kill me — and it reassures people that they can take their time if they need.  People usually laugh when I say that and I like to think that they feel relieved.

This post wasn’t going in this direction but I think I like where it’s gone so I’ll just leave it like this.

Take your time and if you can… gift it to other people.

Happy spring.

3 thoughts on “Early Spring

  1. I tell Mark all the time when he gets impatient in traffic. “It’s not like you have an appointment to keep.”
    I can’t say that tomorrow. He does have an appointment tomorrow.

  2. Breathe and smile and let that train go by. You never know how much that slowing down may help the next person. And what greater gift than time–of which I will be lucky enough to be the recipient of soon!

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