Old School and a Farmhouse


I couldn’t pump my mother for any more stories about my sisters so the blogging was put on hold for a bit while I communed with friends, revisited old haunts, enjoyed the countryside, and reconnected with my family.  

Writing with an iPad has challenges as well so I’ll share some photos that I took at different times while driving here in the Midwest 

Look at this old blue schoolhouse–

And a refurbished old white schoolhouse–

And this old farmhouse, too. 

I’m leaving soon. 

It’s bittersweet. 

3 thoughts on “Old School and a Farmhouse

  1. You see a lot of old rotting houses and such in the Midwest United States. It looks like somebody put a fast coat of blue paint on that one schoolhouse, which is good. It will help preserve it until somebody decides to save it. I found that to be one big difference between the US and Europe. Americans seem to have no appreciation for the history around them.

  2. I’ll miss you being on this side of he pond. And I always look forward to your photos. I think you have quite the good eye.

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