Fun and Games 

It was  a weird winter day here in Michigan:  fog, rain, freezing temperatures and general yuck. 

Lucky for me, I was invited out for an afternoon with my friends, Cristy and Maggie. 

They turned a cold, grey day into something fun and magical — and magical is not an over-the-top expression in this case. 

I was all “meh” this morning. I was in a “why bother” place. 

Then a car appeared in the drive and I was taken away for an afternoon of bowling and a visit to the stables where Maggie rides her gentle  horse, Topper. 

Ohhh yes. I happen to like bowling. 


And then we were off to the stables where Topper waited for his mistress —

And he got treats from his auntie-

And Topper’s friend got into the act. He was a curious, gorgeous boy. I regret that I didn’t have an apple or carrot for him 

That’s how you turn around a cold, grey day… a little exercise and movement, some bonding and friendship, and a bit of time with some beautiful animals. 

Writing to you from my iPhone –  over and out. 

3 thoughts on “Fun and Games 

  1. Love this! I used to like bowling, tho I was not very good at it. And horses! What joy they can bring. Glad you got out and about. I made it from bed to couch yesterday without a cane. Peanut followed. Not quite as exciting as your day, and Peanut’s nose is not as soft as a pony’s, but she’s loyal, and that counts for a lot. Keep up the good work.

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