Don’t Give Up The Fight

My sister suggested that we go to the Women’s March within about 20 minutes of collecting me from the airport.  My sister? She’s a former teacher and librarian and she is NOT HAPPY with the state of things right now. 

Today I told her we needed to make signs for the demonstration. She pointed to a cabinet and said “there are two pieces of poster board behind that cabinet.”  Then she reached into a drawer beside her chair and said, “Here’s some Sharpies.”  

I  was astonished at the speed and ease with which she provided those supplies. I asked her  why she had poster board and markers so readily available. She simply said, ” because you never know when you’ll need to demonstrate!”  

It’s true!  Teachers and librarians–  they’ll save the world.

And we’re off…  Welcome to the resistance. 

7 thoughts on “Don’t Give Up The Fight

  1. I was born in 1949. I know what the fifties and sixties were like. We fought hard to pull our nation out of that morass of racism and closed society. It makes me sick every time we are pulled back. Winning the vote but losing the election, twice in sixteen years, makes it very hard to accept.

  2. Wear good shoes. You might be there a long time. And take extra markers. You never know when you need to refine your signs. And become more specific !!!

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