Friday the 13th


She’s still at it.  I had to turn the TV off yesterday because she was getting over-zealous with trying to capture a squirrel on CAT TV.


(Painting by Michael Archer)

Also this week —

I caught a bug that kept me whining and complaining and in bed for a few days.  Horrible, horrible.  Please do what you can to stay healthy.  I know a woman who wears surgical masks and gloves all winter long and she’s managed to be free of colds and flu over the past few years.  Nobody laughs at her in our circle of friends.  We are all sort of in awe and often wonder aloud if we have the stamina to try it for ourselves.

We had our first snow of the winter last night.  Our wood stove has been lit all day.


And truly, friends, that is the long and short of it this week.


Have a safe, healthy weekend.  🙂





4 thoughts on “Friday the 13th

  1. I sometimes have to turn off the television too. No cat, Mark.
    The other side of the bug coin is to expose yourself to as much as you can. I used to work in hospitals and had to touch the machines that every nurse in the hospital had touched. They usually had rubber gloves on. I did not. Now I rarely get sick, but those first couple of years I sure did.

  2. Aw. Sorry you’ve been sickly. Did Peri keep you company or was she glued to the TV? I hope you are on the mend. The snow tree is lovely, but stay warm and indoors is my advice.

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