More Cat Admiration

The TV addict.

Bear with me. These are three new photos of Peri watching TV.  We discovered a You Tube channel that runs videos especially made for cats and our Peri is mesmerised and we’re hugely entertained by watching her.  She pats the screen, follows movement with her head, gets up close, backs up and sits far away… then moves close again, fluffs out her tail, makes squeaky noises… and oh how we laugh.  Sadly, this is our new evening entertainment which is often better than regular television programming.  (Peri doesn’t know we’re laughing at her but if she ever suspects, she may well quit watching TV.)

I had a really lovely surprise on Monday when I opened my inbox and found three orders waiting for me.  Thank you, customers, so much. 

While working on orders I often play around with other ideas while I wait for the metal to clean up in the cleaning solution or while I polish pieces in the tumbler.  I made these big, hammered earrings yesterday while just fooling around with pieces of metal and a few pearls.  I really like the organic not-quite-symmetrical style.


I’m getting ready to return to Michigan in a few weeks. It will be a long visit and one which I’m looking forward to. More on this later. 

Happy Friday, everyone. 

3 thoughts on “More Cat Admiration

  1. You make me feel a little bit guilty because I don’t wear jewelry. Never have, never will, but I do like those earrings. Maybe Alicia….

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