December 31, 2016



DAYS (by Philip Larkin)
What are days for?
Days are where we live.
They come, they wake us
Time and time over.
They are to be happy in:
Where can we live but days?

Ah, solving that question
Brings the priest and the doctor
In their long coats
Running over the fields.


I love that poem and I’ve probably quoted it on this blog at least a couple of times.  I think of this poem now because I am often a little bemused by the New Year’s holiday and the hype surrounding it.  December 31, 2016 is a day and January 1, 2017 is another day — all in a long line of days where we live and make our lives the best we can.  Nothing magical happens when 2016 turns over to 2017.  The magic happens in the minutes and hours of each day and in the ordinary which can become extraordinary — every day.


Please let’s dedicate ourselves to finding the extraordinary in the ordinary and to helping our communities — no matter where we are.


Happy New Year.

I’m going to watch TEE VEE while eating popcorn in bed tonight and maybe you don’t think that’s extraordinary but it is bliss, I can assure you.




7 thoughts on “December 31, 2016

  1. I love the CARE sign !!! I think eating popcorn in bed while watching TEE VEE sounds great, but I don’t have a tv in the bedroom. My husband does already have the popcorn out ready to pop. Happy New Year, and day !!!

    1. Oh Wow. I took that photo last winter while staying at my sister’s house. It’s one of my favourites. I’m so glad you understand about the popcorn and TV thing.

  2. I have never understood the hype around NYE. I feel no different at all from 11:59pm on December 31st, and 12:01am on the first of January. I do, however, feel something when I eat popcorn in bed. Ewwww… crumbs.

  3. I loved this one Rockyann. But my snack of choice is potato chips tonight. You probably call them crisps these days, don’t you honey? But I take your point. And I expect very little to have changed here overnight. Except we are one day closer to the most dreaded of Inauguration Days. Xoxox.

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