The Hard Rain


I have to write about it.

The United States just elected Donald Trump as president and handed over both houses of Congress to the Republicans, mostly due to manipulating the boundaries of voting districts, otherwise known as gerrymandering.

If, by chance, you are a Republican you may want to stop reading right here.

Hokay.  Now America is going to find out just how trashy the country can get because it’s going to get ugly and I’m so very sorry for my friends and family who live there.  I am sorry for citizens of the world who believe in compassion and tolerance.

And as a progressive liberal woman who has been an activist most of her life, this isn’t my first rodeo.   I’ve lived long enough to see many defeats at the hands of very odious and/or ignorant people and I’ve watched the likes of Rupert Murdoch and his ilk turn very nice people into fearful, frothing-at-the-mouth hate mongers.  Some of them are members of my family and let me tell you, THAT’s painful.

I’ve also watched the Democratic Party betray its principles and align itself with large corporate interests who do not care if we are all poisoned with chemicals or strangled with stagnant wages.

I’m not giving up and I don’t want to feel any form of hatred towards those who brought about this debacle.  I’m angry but I’ll put my anger into action and you can too.  Whether it’s making donations to progressive organisations that are fighting to protect our rights, volunteering in your local community, reducing your carbon footprint… or just thinking of something that you might do for someone else to make their life a little better or easier —  there’s a place for your energy and disappointment.

In other words — act locally.  Love your friends and family.  Circle the wagons.  Pop some popcorn and if you’re so inclined, grab a glass of whisky and hold on to your hats.

Ohhh America.  Bernie was right.  We need a political revolution.  Will you join us?



9 thoughts on “The Hard Rain

  1. It just never feels like it gets better. So many tears and fears right now. I may change my monthly donations from Doctors without Borders to Planned Parenthood. They are going to need it. Can’t wait for this grieving process to be over; if it ever goes. Was glad to see the protestors out on the street last night, but I’ve seen it before and it never seems to make a difference. Local governments will have to make up for the harm that is going to be done. Sigh. Thanks, Kimi.

    1. Believe me — I am feeling pretty beaten down but — at the end of the day what are we on earth to do if it isn’t reaching out to each other and protecting each other? So, yes… I’m going to carry on because I just can’t stop myself and I know you — and you can’t stop yourself either.

    2. Sadly, even local action is hit by this: witness Charlotte, NC and the bathroom bill. The R legislature- of which we also got more several days ago – passed that bill to circumvent local authority. I feel as if I am living through Shakespeare’s “Richard III” as Dante’s “Inferno” is too nice. Reading these comments, though, I know my family and I aren’t alone. We have to keep believing in love and dignity. That’s all I know.

  2. What an inspirational post Kim, I love the thought of doing more locally too. Like the aftermath to Brexit hit us here in the UK, half of America will be reeling right now and going through the pain of what feels like a bereavement with feelings of anger, sadness, disbelief and bewilderment.

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