Collections from Autumn

I’ve been trying to walk every day — more or less.  I’ve been giving myself little challenges of trying to find things on the ground that might make an interesting autumn photo because the colours are fantastic and I need motivation for walking.

First, a pastiche of found things —











And then things found that are black and white…

And on Sunday — Yellow Things…

Here are more Sunday autumn photos from a trip that we made to Petworth, West Sussex.  It was a perfect day… cool, crisp, sunny.  Petworth is a lovely town, full of antique shops and one stately home, Petworth House, now run by the National Trust.

Halloween came and went.  The U.K. doesn’t do Halloween in the same full-on way that it’s done in the U.S. but I can see that we’re getting more in the spirit of the holiday.  This year we had several groups of children at our door and I think it’s a hoot.  We didn’t expect much activity so I only bought one bag of candy which was quickly dispensed.  Admittedly, some of it was dispensed to AP and me when we thought there wouldn’t be many children at our door and I had to dash to the local shop and buy more candy for the little ones.

Now onward into November and the grotty U.S. elections.  I don’t know one person who won’t be happy when THAT is over.

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