Mid October Totally Random Stuff

My, we’re having some beautiful days this October.  I took these photos while out walking a few mornings ago — the last roses against a garden wall and some autumnal red berries, which I’m sure are not really berries but I don’t know what they’re called.


Is it weird to talk to spiders?  One has built a lovely web right outside my shedio door and I find myself greeting it… and reminding it not to spin the web any further because I really do not want to walk through a web one morning while I’m opening the door.  So far we’re getting along absolutely fine and he/she is respecting my boundaries.

And, FYI… I really like brussels sprouts.  I just think they’re crunchy and flavourful and really lovely.  My favourite way to cook them is to quarter them, blanch them, and then sauté them in butter —  add a little cream and let them cook down.  I mean… butter and cream?  ***sob***  It’s so good.

I’ll leave you with that.

I’ve been crazy busy getting ready for — oh I won’t say it.  It starts with the letter C.











6 thoughts on “Mid October Totally Random Stuff

  1. I’ll ignore the c word, but have shared the recipe with Mr D. He and I don’t agree on the sprouts, but now he admires you more, just knowing you like them.

  2. Definitely not weird to talk to spiders. I do it all the time. I tell them to please not to go in the shower, as I grab a Bed, Bath, and Beyond card to coax them onto and carry them outside. Maybe they are too young to understand or they don’t share info with their friends because they keep showing up. But I try. Wait. I just realized that just because I don’t think it’s weird to talk to spiders may not mean it isn’t.
    I would love to try your brussel sprouts. I’m not a big fan, but, as you say, cream, butter…what could be bad?

    1. I knew you’d understand about the spiders. I just can’t kill them. I always put them outside. And you’re also right about butter and cream. You can use those two ingredients in almost anything and it will be absolutely delicious.

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