How to Drive a British Person Insane


No more needs to be said on this matter.

I’ve been busy in the studio, preparing for ***whispers*** Christmas.  It’s October so we can start talking about Christmas, right?

All of the stones below were stored away in my studio and I finally stopped “thinking” about what I might do and I DID it.

It amazing how much you can get done when you actually go through the process of doing.  Why does it take me so long to get there?  I do not know, but I’ll think about it 🙂




6 thoughts on “How to Drive a British Person Insane

  1. I do not know why it takes so long from the “I should” or “I have to” to the doing/done, but you are certainly not alone. I have been saying for days and days and days that I will go through a stack of papers because I really do need to find a particular form for something I need to sign up for in October. And it is now October. And the stack is still the same stack. Honestly, it’s not a huge stack, so how long could it take? I hope to know the answer by the end of the day. Meanwhile, your work is inspiring and beautiful!

  2. Your jewelry is stunning. Really. Wow. As for the Cheez-whiz tea, that is just GROSS. (P.S. I, too, have edged into starting Christmas projects, but I am also fighting that inertia of which you speak.). Hugs.

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