The Cat’s Meow and Somebody Had a Birthday — and other Updates.


Peri has always had weird vocalisations but they have become extremely loud and incredibly close and so it was off to the V.E.T. today where she was diagnosed with a cold.  She has decongestants and antibiotics now.

We mentioned that she has a new bunny hop when she goes up the stairs and the good doctor said that she may have arthritis.  As her food is located in a high place in our lounge, a ramp was discussed as a possible way to make life a little easier for our nervous and sensitive kitty.  This serious conversation took place in the exam room while Peri croaked out her protestations.


Processed with Snapseed.
Processed with Snapseed.

AP had a birthday last week and it was one of the big ones.  We kept things simple… a meal with close friends and family, prepared by my loving hands.  Sort of.  Most of it, anyway.  🙂

I made these earrings last week:


AP told me that I have to write the story of them but the story is rather simple.  I accidentally ordered some cabochons and when they arrived they were a bit different than I thought and I said,

“Oh great.  What in the heck am I going to do with these?!”  (I didn’t say heck)

And then.

“These might make pretty Christmas earrings.”

And there it is.  The story of the earrings.


Happy Tuesday.









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