More August

Yesterday evening was just too beautiful to pass up and so after dinner, we drove out to our favourite village pub to give my sister a taste of a beautiful country village on a warm summer’s eve.

This is the small river that flows nearby.  On hot summer days you will find children playing in the water and parents sitting on blankets near the shore, with a picnic basket and a good book, just like the beach.

Young boys on the village green practicing football (aka soccer) –

The pub

Today my sister and I set off for the south coast of Wales to explore the beautiful and wild beaches of the Gower Peninsula.   Wales is fast becoming one of my favourite places to visit and if I manage to post some photos in the next few days, you’ll see why.




6 thoughts on “More August

  1. Ooh I remember that pub! Went there with you and AP! Have a FAB time in Wales!! One of my fave places too, but then I am probably a tiny bit biased ;o) xx

    1. What lovely pictures you paint with words and then back up with perfect photos. Happy you are gaving fun. Continue.

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