Oh No Not Another One

Yep.  It’s my birthday and there’s no avoiding it.

Now for the babbling and rambling.

I’ve received lovely wishes from friends and family and best of all, my mom figured out how to FaceTime me so we got to have a chat today. (FaceTime is very hit-and-miss with my mom but I keep telling her that practice makes perfect.)

Today is a typical August day — very sunny and hot.  My flowers are parched and the lawn is a bit brown.  The kids next door have a big inflatable pool that they’re splashing around in and they’re laughing and having such a good time.  Otherwise it’s quiet and rather airless in the heat.

Yesterday I had a visit from my friend, Sophia, who is six years old now!  We played cards and she beat me quite honestly.  She was VERY pleased and so she should be.


I’ve been reading this book all afternoon:


And tonight … a slap up meal in a restaurant and a drive to the country to watch the Perseid meteor shower if we can see it.

Have a great weekend, everyone.


9 thoughts on “Oh No Not Another One

  1. The years flip by like you’re moving faster, and faster past a picket fence. I hope you don’t get to the end of that fence any time soon.

  2. I am sure your day was better than mine. We took my dad to check out the D. Senior Center as discussed and the very lovely lady thought that we were there for ourselves…….I looked around and thought, “Are you talking to moi?” Well! I felt slightly better when I saw the minimum age for participation is 50…….Argh! Hope your day was fab!

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