Afternoon in July


Cow parsley in the meadow…


And cows, too!  (Photos taken during a walk on Sunday.)

AP introduced me to a new photo app called Prisma and we can’t stop playing with it.

The weekend came and went.  We had a long lunch with a friend who is leaving the UK for new adventures and a new life.

We took walks.  We pulled weeds and fixed broken things around the house.

It was hot.

We kept the house cool by drawing the curtains and turning on fans.  The UK has only a few weeks of very hot weather during the summer months and so most homes are not air conditioned.   If we want to get cool we go to the supermarket or the cinema but we did neither.  We simply dressed lightly, moved slowly, and drank a lot of water and, of course, tea.





7 thoughts on “Afternoon in July

  1. Yes, they look udderly languid.
    What is this cow parsley? Do you use it in cooking or do cows use it to freshen their palates?

  2. It doesn’t look the same as our Queen Anne’s lace. I think yours is prettier. And I’d like to know if it rained. In Florida, if cows were lying down, you could count on rain.

    1. It did not rain. The cows were all just chillin’ and relaxin’. Later they all stood up and walked over to another gate and just stood there together, blinking their eyes and swishing their tails.

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