After Last Week

The news coming out of the U.S., once again, is heartbreaking.


As Ghandi famously said, “an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.”

Here in the U.K., people are still reeling from the Brexit vote, particularly since leaders of the EU Leave campaign have abandoned their posts, each resigning like rats on a sinking ship.  The U.K., too, is very divided right now at a time when we need compassion and cooperation the most.

When I feel uncertain and afraid, I focus on my local community because that’s a place where I can actually have some impact.

There are always small things we can do to improve our communities, even if it’s just checking in on an elderly neighbour or donating to a food bank.  Any action of love will help.  That, and long walks.



2 thoughts on “After Last Week

  1. Well spoken, Kim. Made me teary, and I so agree with you. Even Lucy learned to live peacefully (mostly) with 4 other dogs and behave herself around many more, and I know she didn’t always want to. We can each do a small bit every day. I have to believe that.

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