On No-thing



This post could be entitled, “chasing meditation”.

Our friend, Stuart, hosted an afternoon of Buddhist meditation and teachings at his house.

The only problem was that I arrived one day early.  I drove home, embarrassed, and I took a nap.

Naps take care of a lot of things as far as I’m concerned.

I got up the following morning and told AP — “I’ve got some no thinking to do today”  and, undeterred from my previous day’s misunderstanding, I set off for Stuart’s house once again.





I spent the afternoon with a group of people —  and we did some eating, listening, talking, and sitting.  And when I say “sitting”, I mean that we sat in silent meditation together for quite some time.  And I did it.  Without fidgeting.  (Too much.)  🙂






8 thoughts on “On No-thing

  1. I’m sorry, but a nap is a hundred times better than meditating. If I try that for even a minute my mind is crowded with all kinds of crap rushing in to replace the emptiness of meditating. Of course, even in my sleeping state I’m dreaming constantly.

    1. Yeah. I’ve got to say — I’d rather nap than meditate. To be honest… I haven’t achieved enlightenment, Alan. I don’t know what I’m doing with anything…ever.

    1. No comma after Once. Comes from one-finger phone typing. And from not reading before sending. Kinda like one day early, maybe.

  2. I think meditation is a good thing. But I just can’t make myself keep doing it. And napping is far more natural feeling. For some unfathomable reason. Must meditate on that. If I don’t fall into a snooze while thinking about it.

    1. Yes. Sleeping can be one outcome of meditation. That’s why those zen monks hit meditators on the back with a stick! (Not hard. Just to keep people awake)

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