Coffee Tea and a Sit-Down


It was raining this morning (of course), and so AP and I went into town, bought a paper, and sat down in a cafe to while away the morning hours with coffee, tea and the national news.

It’s something I haven’t done in a very long time — sitting at a table, in a cafe, reading an actual newspaper on a Sunday morning.  I have memories of such times when I lived in NYC but we rarely leave the house on a Sunday morning here in our quiet little town in England.

This action was inspired by my 30 day challenge and my commitment to spend time on self-care and doing-something-different-breaking-out-of-the-routine type of care.

I highly recommend it.

Happy Sunday.








4 thoughts on “Coffee Tea and a Sit-Down

  1. One of those Sunday morning rituals that I have forgotten, the newspaper. My 94 year old mom still insists on getting her Sunday newspaper. I tried to teach her how to use a computer a few years ago, but it was like I had told her to walk on the moon. I really should get the Sunday Chicago Tribune delivered again. Especially if we get a new puppy.

  2. I am loving catching up on these. I stopped reading blogs (and even the blogging has suffered) here in this new life. Sounds like a perfect kind of Sunday morning. Well done on the self-care 🙂

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